Minutes from Meeting Oct 17, 2023

14 people came in person, 3 using Zoom. Fawn chaired the meeting.

After our time of sharing, Noba gave a presentation on her experience helping a dear friend in Victoria through the process of getting her house in order, and preparing for MAiD. It was a touching presentation. Noba’s involvement demonstrates the profound healing an end-of-life doula may be privileged to make possible with a person who is consciously meeting death.

Unfortunately the video recording didn’t work well enough. Noba will present again on Quadra at the end of November, and that recording will be sent out.

Business Items: Volunteer Opportunities with DeathCaring Collective. Several of us met for a workshop on October 14th. We talked about what the DeathCaring Collective does, the history, and goals for the future. A sign-up sheet for volunteers is attached. If there are areas of interest for you, please let me know. Some roles require collaboration and meetings, while others are tasks required from time to time. We’d love more help. Please email with any questions or interest.

Seeking Community Members Needing Support. If you know of anyone in the community who is living with declining health and could benefit from someone to help them navigate the new challenges associated with this, let them know about the Compassionate Community project. Making life changing decisions to accommodate new life realities can be intensely challenging, as well as getting around the community and knowing the services that are available to assist them. Volunteers can

  • Help locate local services and resources to help manage declining health

  • Sometimes help you get to where you need to go

  • Assist you in re-engaging in hobbies and other interests

  • Talk you through important decisions and future plans

  • Help relieve feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety

  • Offer one-on-one relationships tailored to your needs

  • Book appointments

If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from this service, please be in touch with Carina Verhoeve at (250) 935-6793 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday (Carina is checking her messages while she is away) or email her at [email protected]Brochures are available at the Clinic, and attached to this email.

Quadra’s Death Education Fair Nov 5th 1:00 – 3:30 pm. This will take place in the Quadra Community Centre. It is an opportunity to learn more about death, dying and grief in a relaxed atmosphere. Topics and tables will be set up around the room for people to peruse, with knowledgeable community members to answer questions. A Death Cafe will be set up in another room, where there will be tea and cookies. If you have friends or family in Campbell River or on Quadra that might be interested, spread the word!