Minutes from Meeting Oct 18, 2022

21 of us met in the Commons area, as we could not access the Pioneer Room. It was lovely to meet out-of-doors.

Sally Houghton, Quadra’s new Notary Public, gave an informative presentation, and answered questions, about “Estate Planning vs. Personal Planning – what’s the difference?” She told us about the documents that are useful while we are still alive: Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement. The POA enables a trusted party(s) to handle our legal and financial affairs if we are no longer capable, or on a holiday. The Representation Agreement appoints someone to speak to our health care issues if we cannot. She talked about what happens if those documents are not in place but become necessary. Our Will is a document we should all have, that takes effect upon our death. Each of these documents can be completed without a notary or lawyer, but it many cases professional help is useful. In some situation, it is necessary. Sally spoke in a language we could all understand and gave us a lot of information.

Sally is considering spending a day each week or two on Cortes, offering her services to this community. She generously cloned the website she created on Quadra, for us on Cortes. Islanddeathcare.ca

Keri Brekveld chaired the meeting. She began with the Gloria Mundi poem.

Wolfy and Yasmina are spearheading a “Remembering Our Dead” event at the Manson’s Hall, hopefully in the evening of November 2nd. Help with this would be appreciated; more details to follow.

Wolfy also noted that the Natural Burial Area of the Manson’s Cemetery could use some work to make it more accessible to those using the space. More details on a work-bee will follow.